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Blueclaw Crab Photographic Print

Blueclaw Crab Photographic Print

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Imagine being able to pluck a beautiful blueclaw crab out of the sea and stick it anywhere you want.* Sounds cool, until the smell hits you, or it reaches out and pinches you! Now there's a better way to show your love for all things sea life: with a photographic print!


  • Vivid colors and crisp details that highlight the blueclaw crab's natural beauty
  • Acid-free paper to prevent yellowing from age
  • Packed in a resealable cellophane sleeve to protect from humidity



The original design was done as a colored pencil drawing inspired by a fishing excursion gone wrong. In college, I was part of a research group assessing the local waterways for wildlife. One day, we were out on the beach sporting our waders (think waterproof overalls) sorting through what we caught in a net, when one of these suckers latches on to another group member's finger. He shook it off, and it came flying towards me. That little bugger slipped right down my waders and began protesting, ANGRILY. I made it out unscathed, and for the record so did he, but his pincers of fury did put a hole in my shirt....


Now you can enjoy the presence of a blueclaw crab safely. Perfect for the marine life enthusiast on your gift list!


*PSA: Please don't go around plucking crabs out of the water and trying to stick them to things. They don't like that.